Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer trial sessions?

You can attend a casual session for the first time to trial our program at the casual rate of $25 before booking in for a term (based on availability).

How and when do I pay?

Payment by card at the venue or payment via EFT must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to commencement. If paying for the term, you are required to pay in full before commencing to secure you place.

Can I still start after the term has commenced?

Yes you can commence mid-term, you just need to pay the balance of the term remaining or do casual sessions.

Do you offer discounts for siblings attending?

Yes we do offer sibling discounts, please enquire for more details.

What about twins?

There would need to be two adults attending to provide the appropriate level of supervision and the sibling discount would apply to twins.

Can I bring my child’s school-aged sibling if they are home?

We always try to ensure our pre-schoolers feel safe and happy in their sessions without feeling overcrowded or intimidated by older children. For that reason, unfortunately we ask that primary school aged children not attend. Due to the nature of the activities your child will participate in, they will need your full attention for the entire class.

What if I have paid but can no longer attend the sessions?

Once the term has been paid for in full, there are no refunds. If you can no longer attend your Craftercise sessions, you can transfer the remainder of that term to a friend or family member.

What if I miss a session?

If you have paid for the term and miss a session due to illness we can offer you two catch up classes with 3 months to use it from the date it was missed (based on availability and must be enrolled in the following term to use it then).

What if Craftercise cancel a session?

If the session is cancelled by us then you will receive a full refund for that session. You can elect to receive the refund or be credited a session in the following term. You will be contacted by text message or phone call (if no mobile) as soon as we know a session needs to be cancelled to save you a trip to the venue.

What should children wear to a session?

We recommend that children wear old clothes to participate in a craftercise session. As much as we try to use washable products we cannot guarantee that all marks will come out of clothing.

What should adults wear to a session?

Parents/guardians will be interacting closely with their child at all times so may want to wear old clothes themselves or bring a change of clothes.

What should I bring to a session?

You will need to bring:

  • a change of clothes for your child/yourself
  • towel
  • wipes
  • plastic bag for dirty clothes/towel/nappies